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The shipment volume of new energy vehicles continues to grow, and the new energy vehicle charging station industry is developing rapidly


The new energy vehicle charging station refers to the equipment and devices that provide charging services for new energy vehicles. The specific hardware facilities include external hardware such as charging guns, charging cabinets, distribution cabinets, etc., as well as internal hardware such as inverters, transformers, rectifiers, filters, relays, etc. New energy vehicle charging stations are mainly installed in public buildings, parking lots, shopping malls, operating vehicle charging stations, and other places. Affected by the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, the demand for new energy vehicle charging stations continues to rise, and the industry has a good development prospect.

According to different charging methods, new energy vehicle charging piles can be mainly divided into AC charging piles and DC charging piles. The AC charging pile needs to be connected to a car charger to charge the car, using a conventional voltage. The charging power is low and the charging is slow, but the structure is simple and the cost is low. It is usually installed in public parking lots, shopping malls, residential areas, and other fields. DC charging stations can directly charge car batteries with high voltage, high charging power, and fast charging speed. However, they have disadvantages such as high cost, high voltage, and current, which affect the battery life. They are mainly installed in charging stations and fast charging stations of operating vehicles. Yiwei New Energy has rich experience and excellent equipment in this field.

According to the "2020 2025 China Charging Station Industry Market Deep Research and Development Prospects Forecast Report" released by the New Thinking Industry Research Center, with policy support and the increasing maturity of new energy battery technology, consumers' acceptance of new energy vehicles is constantly increasing, and the production and sales of new energy vehicles continue to grow. The demand for charging stations is also increasing. By 2020, China's new energy vehicle charging stations will reach about 5 million units, The scale of the charging pile market has also rapidly grown, reaching 6 billion yuan in 2019 and is expected to reach 11.2 billion yuan by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of about 23%.

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